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Early Intervention ABA Therapy for Children Diagnosed with Autism

What is ABA?

 Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a research-based therapy which uses scientifically proven learning techniques to bring about positive and meaningful change in behavior in individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Data is collected to measure which learning techniques are working best for each individual. The goal of ABA therapy is to have the learner master skills across different settings and people.

Core Components of an ABA Therapy Program at GVLC


1:1 Therapy

Learners work 1:1 with highly trained professionals to develop skills in each of our core focus areas. Progress is closely monitored and programs are adjusted as each child acquires targeted skills.

Small Group Therapy

When children are paired with a peer buddy, this provides an opportunity to expand individualized learning to a small group setting. Enriching activities such as art, reading, music, outdoor activities are embedded into the agenda.

Large Group Therapy

Learners practice their skills in a social environment with with bigger groups of their peers, allowing for them to engage in a naturalistic setting. Instruction exposes learners to the busier learning environments. 

Structured Group Play

Structured group play sessions allow learners to develop fundamental skills related to peer interaction and cooperative play. 

Transitional Support

As children transition into the school environment, Golden View Learning Center will provide opportunities for children to learn readiness skills. GVLC will work closely with the school to assure appropriate supports are in place to help your child succeed in their new setting.

Family Coordinated Care

Family involvement is an essential component to our therapy process. Coordinated care is available to provide families with the tools needed to facilitate learning across environments through wide range of support services.

Optional services provided as needed


Toilet Training

Developing independent toileting skills is an important milestone for children and families to overcome. Graduating from diapers to the use of toilet is seen as a critical step in the development of young children and helps to promote positive social experiences, successful interactions in the home and to boost confidence in the child. 

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy programs are developed for children who show signs of food selectivity to expand their food repertoires, volume, texture, or other food-related problems. Picky eating can be cause for concern when children do not receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

Research shows that food selectivity often fails to resolve without intervention. Research indicates that the sooner an intervention can occur, the more likely good eating habits will be established and last.

** Parents are encouraged to seek consultation from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for assistance in development of toileting and feeding plans.