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Golden View Learning Center  Opening Spring 2019!

Early Intervention ABA Therapy for Children Diagnosed with Autism



Receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child is a life-changing event. Golden View Learning Center is here to help your child reach his or her full potential and to help your family grow stronger.  

What’s next?

Golden View Learning Center specializes in applied behavior analysis, commonly known as ABA therapy. Our programs are customized to meet your child's needs and provide services to support your family. At Golden View Learning Center, get the personalized care you deserve.

Why Choose Golden View Learning Center?


At GVLC we offer an enriched social environment with highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). 

Our center-based therapy provides unique opportunities for social interaction with other children in a similar age range, inside a dedicated therapist-lead learning environment designed exclusively for children with autism. We provide 1:1 support for both individualized therapy as well as support during large and small group therapy and structured social activities.

At GVLC, peer interaction is incorporated into each child’s treatment plan. The availability of social opportunities with peers promotes critical skills necessary for children to excel independently in a variety of social settings.

Caregiver collaboration is an integral part of each child’s progress. BCBAs meet with each family regularly to share progress and discuss ways to generalize treatment in the home.

The GVLC offers a unique opportunity for each child to work with dedicated BCBAs and RBTs. This team approach provides the foundation for your child to generalize new skills.